Paul Laureles
Paul Laureles
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An average gamer, reviewer, anime fanatic that enjoys playing games involving vehicles, a rocket launcher and a hell lot of people!! And behind all that mess is the screams of excruciating pain and agony as each individual Non-Playable Character gets blasted, torn from limb to limb, or simply just get shot in the balls by an innocent teddy bear launched at 200mph point blank all while hanging upside down on top of a building or tower. Other than that… I like sleeping! You can contact me at

TerraTech (PS4) Review

TerraTech is minecraft on wheels. I was under the impression that this game would be an amazing experience and luckily I was right on that regard! Payload Studio founded by Russ Clarke was formerly pa…

Super Bomberman R Review

A game that stayed true to its roots. Good old classic Bomberman with its nostalgic multiplayer free-for-all style gameplay never gets too old for me and I bet it never will. But considering its 2018 …