Brand Theft Auto How does fictional in-game brands stack up in the real world?

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  1. Simon Cole says:

    Hey Paul,

    I’m involved in making and selling Karma Cola and I’m fascinated by your reference in your feature. Is it really a counterpart to eCola? It’s a great claim and I appreciate the shout out. Please let me know the background.


  2. Paul says:

    Hi Simon,

    Its nice to see people involved in Karma Cola seeing this little feature we have here. However, all references were made by Betway and we are only the messengers of goodwill so to speak. But despite all that, I do have my own questions like you have as to why this came to be.

    First of all, eCola in GTA was made by The Sprunk Company which basically references how the Coca Cola Company made Sprite among other things that could prove to this claim. This leads me to believe that eCola should be Coca Cola but why isn’t it? Because there’s already Fallout’s Nuka Cola which is also a direct comparison to the brand.

    So instead of having two brands within two games share the same reference, I believe it was a matter of choice but also there was something else you can compare eCola to and that’s Karma Cola. A “good for the planet” cola but to make that claim you’d have to disregard what eCola is and play with its name alone… eco-Cola.

    Its definitely a long shot but to truly know why, Betway is the key 🙂