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New Gameplay Video from The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes

The local tavern is more than a place to grab an ale and nurse your wounds — it’s where all great fantasy adventures get their start. In The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes, the upcoming action-RPG, great stories start in The Black Boar, an inn famed throughout the mystical lands of Aventuria. The Black Boar Inn is the adventurer’s “hub” in the game: a place to find helpful hirelings, lock away precious goods, secure new quests, and much more — all of which are showcased in a new video, released today by publisher Wild River Games. Based on The Dark Eye tabletop pen and paper role-playing system, Book of Heroes brings a modern tabletop experience to the digital world, allowing players to delve into dungeons, complete quests, and battle ancient evils, either alone or cooperatively, both online and in couch cooperative modes!

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