Aaron Daniels
Aaron Daniels
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Aaron Daniels is a history graduate from Cardiff who beat Spyro the Dragon before most kids could even hold a controller and haven't really moved on since. If Nintendo told him to jump off a cliff he probably would, the amount of GameCube games and especially Amiibo he owns is more than a little worrying really, and he’s slightly uncomfortable writing this in the third person.

Boom Box Blue Review

Man, I miss Newgrounds. Or rather, I miss Newgrounds having notable game designers / animators on it rather than just being a sort-of shell of its former self where nothing happens. I bring it up beca…

Fjong Review

Fjong’s steam page, in charmingly sincere and only slightly broken English, in many ways presents more questions than it answers. We’re told that the Fjong (presumably the strange bird-whale hybrid cr…