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Conqueror’s Blade: Siegecraft Gameplay Trailer

Readying themselves for the first full closed beta with dedicated servers in the North American and European regions, the Booming Games and teams release a brand-new gameplay trailer for Medieval MMO – Conqueror’s Blade. Gamers take on the role of a military leader both on and off the battlefield, attempting to make the tactical and diplomatic choices that allow them to rule over a massive, resource-rich, open world. However, intelligent decisions alone won’t bring down walls as the “Siegecraft – Gameplay Trailer” demonstrates. Understanding the strength of the various regiments, siege weaponry and brute force can as easily determine who revels in riches and who stays behind in the mud.

“We are following up on a period of successful Siege Tests, where we saw thousands of players help us stress our technology. Players have clashed steel for hours, have found creative tactics in siege warfare and ultimately have shown a great hunger for more.” said Peter Lagun, Producer at for Conqueror’s Blade. “We are grateful for the passion and looking forward to unleash them into the open world to test the economic and territorial features.”