Resident Evil 7 Cloud Version is a ******* joke, thanks Capcom

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  1. Alison Jones IGC Admin says:

    It seems many dont even read before commenting on N4G, there are reason for why its not good, streaming is all ok, but Nintendo likes to push play anywhere at anytime and its simply not possible is you are streaming a game on the Switch.

  2. Alison Jones IGC Admin says:

    Sorry this was taken down from N4G and this is the reason given, after speaking to the admin.


    This isn’t about your article but what N4G considers newsworthy a it comes to opinion pieces. Like the opinion pieces, not everyone will agree with the considerations, but that’s it.

    Reading your article, it has two things: telling the news on RE7 streaming to switch and saying multiple times that it’s BS and not much else. It’s not a will worded or presented opinion and the biggest thing taken away from it is the news, not the opinion. But we already have the news on N4G.

    It’s not a strike against the site, just a review of the opinion that finds it lacking in value for publishing to N4G.

    We did not breach any of their rules with this article and based on the term opinion, this was exactly that, we are unsure what to say or do about this, but it seems even if the site is driven by the community and the site is an aggregator site, it seems the admin also have their own thoughts, even if the thoughts are not in the rules that we follow.