Smash Ultimate DLC Predictions: 3rd party party

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  1. Sungkyung Kim says:

    I hope Geno the puppet doll to be playable in SSBU.
    Even if he only appears in Super Mario RPG as a playable character, he is impressive and powerful.
    I think his moves in Super Mario RPG is enough to make him debuting SSBU. Geno acts based on his goal.
    At least in this 22-year-old RPG, he is the fastest playable characters and even stronger with several special moves.
    He can insta-kill most of the enemies in a single shot except for the boss-classed mops.
    Also, he is popular among the fans.
    His debut, for sure will be awesome.
    However, Nintendo might have chosen a different character from Square Enix for the higher profit.
    Let’s see which roasters will come.